Advanced Master’s Procedure 

Graduates of Master’s Program Pharmacy are entitled to sit for Advanced Master’s State Examination and Defence of Advanced Master’s Thesis at the Faculty of 

After successful completion of Advanced Master’s State Examination and Defence of Advanced Master’s Thesis, the applicant is granted academic title „Doctor of 
Pharmacy“ (PharmDr.). 

I want to start working on my Advanced Master´s thesis

  1. Choose a fieldwhich you want to take an Advanced Master’s State Examination and defend your Advanced Master’s Thesis in 

  2. Contact Branch Board Chairmanwho will advice you on the next steps in your Advanced Master’s Thesis preparation.

  3. If you need a supervision of your Advanced Master’s Thesis, usfacilities devices or laboratory  equipment of the Faculty of Pharmacyor access to information technologies, pay a fee via MU Shopping center.

    • I request a field consultant  - fee  500 EUR  
      Fee includes: consultations with academics from selected field and corrections of final thesis before its submission. List of consultants can be found in section "Fields of Advanced Masters´s Procedure", which you can apply for. 

       Fee for field consultant

    • I request a field consultant and use of device and labotratory equipment – fee 1000 EUR  
      Fee includesusage of devices and laboratories of the Facultysupervision by academic staff 
      during experimental and theoretical part of the thesis, final corrections of the work before its 
      submissionDue to use of Faculty’s propertyit is neccessary to agree with conditions of work in a laboratory during admission process. Further instructions for laboratory work will be provided by a consultant or a Branch Board Chairman. 

      Fee for field consultant and use of device and laboratory equipment


    • I request access to information technologies
      Including access to online databases and electronic resources from the computers placed in Masaryk University libraries. 

4. After completion of the Advanced Master´s Thesis apply for the Advanced Master’s State Examination and thesis defence via application in IS MU.  If you don´t have a log in credentials to IS MU and you´ve paid fee for the Advanced Master´s State Examination, you canrequestaccessdetailsvia email to:

5. Pay fee 1 900 EUR via MU shopping center. Fee includes cost related to organization of the Advanced Masters´s State Examination and Defence, diploma issuance and graduation ceremony. 

Fee for application

6. Branch Board Chairman will contact you regarding the next steps of the procedure.

I have the Advanced Master’s Thesis ready and I want to apply for launching the Advanced Master’s Procedure (Thesis Defence and State Examination)

    1. After completion of the Advanced Master´s Thesis apply for the Advanced Master’sState Examination and thesis defence via application in IS MU.  If you don´t have a log in credentials to IS MU and you´ve paid fee for the Advanced Master´s State Examination, you canrequestaccessdetailsvia email to:

    2. Pay fee 1 900 EUR via MU shopping center. Fee includes cost related to organization of the Advanced Masters´s State Examination and Defence, diploma issuance and graduation ceremony. 

      Fee for application

  1. Branch Board Chairman will contact you regarding the next steps of the procedure.

I repeat the Advanced Master’s Thesis Defence or all parts of the Advanced Master’s State Examination

  1. Pay a fee for reparatory term of the examination via MU Shopping center
  2. Branch Board Chairman will contact you regarding the next steps of the procedure

Field of Advanced Master´s Procedure

Social Pharmacy - Pharmacy Practise

Social pharmacy and pharmacy are scientific and applied areas of pharmacy, focused on the relationship between medicinal product and society. Rigorous work is thematically focused on the historical and present problematics of pharmaceutical and clinical-pharmaceutical care, economics, legislation and ethics of pharmaceutical activities, with emphasis on ensuring the quality, effectiveness, safety and economic effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and medical interventions. 

Rigorous works have the character of original scientific works and should present outputs suitable for publication in the professional literature. 

Branch Board Chairman

Lists of consultants

PharmDr. Tünde Ambrus, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Jiří Dohnal, CSc.
PharmDr. Dominik Grega, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Bc. Dana Mazánková, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Lenka Smejkalová, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Karel Vašut, Ph.D.
PharmDr. MVDr. Vilma Vranová, Ph.D.


Pharmacognosy is the scientific discipline dealing with the drugs and substances of natural origin, used in human and veterinary medicine. It is concerned with the searching for and studying of the sources of their origin and possibilities to obtain them. It explains the interrelationships and conditionality of the formation of secondary metabolites, the mechanism of their action and the possibilities of practical utilization. Constituents are defined by the chemical structure, which is responsible for the biological activity as an objectively measurable fact.

Rigorous thesis in field of Pharmacognosy must have the character of an original scientific work and must contain knowledge suitable for publication in the professional journals. The nature of rigorous thesis is experimental. The experiments themselves are performed, with rare exceptions, at Department of Natural Drugs.

The experimental work is usually focused on the isolation, identification and testing of the biological activity of secondary metabolites of the higher plants, commonly from the group of phenols and terpenes.

Chromatographic methods are primarily used for isolation, spectral methods for identification. It can also include the preparation of derivatives and partial modifications of the natural substances for further research.

Branch Board Chairman

Lists of consultants

prof. PharmDr. Petr Babula, Ph.D.
prof. RNDr. Dr.h.c. Václav Suchý, DrSc.
doc. PharmDr. Karel Šmejkal, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical technology

Pharmaceutical Technology studies the main principles of formulation of dosage forms, their structural and physicochemical properties to optimize biopharmaceutical parameters of medicinal products with emphasis on the time and the target place of the drug release or for other purposes. Experimental rigorous thesis is mainly focused on the development of modern oral and peroral drug delivery systems for controlled drug release and its enhanced bioavailability in both human and veterinary medicine (matrix tablets, pellets, microparticles, capsules, reservoir systems, dispersible tablets, orodispersible films, liquisolid systems, etc.), the development of wound dressings based on various polymeric carriers or use of the pharmaceutical technology approaches for military purposes.

Branch Board Chairman

List of consultants

doc. PharmDr. Jan Gajdziok, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Jan Elbl, Ph.D.
doc. PharmDr. Aleš Franc, Ph.D.
doc. PharmDr. Kateřina Kubová, Ph.D.
doc. Mgr. Jan Muselík, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Miroslava Pavelková, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Kateřina Tenorová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Sylvie Pavloková, Ph.D.
doc. PharmDr. Mgr. David Vetchý, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Jakub Vysloužil, Ph.D.

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Topics of rigorosum theses in the field of Pharmacology and toxicology are usually from areas of preclinical and clinical drug testing. We offer laboratories of Pharmaceutical faculty for testing of drugs toxicity, for assessment of drug interactions of newly isolated/synthetized molecules or for research in various in vivo experimental models. Another possibility is a research related to clinical use of drugs in the field of pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology, rational pharmacotherapy, etc. Defensed thesis should always contain original scientific data either in the form of experimental results or original literature review.

Please feel free to contact the chairmen of the Pharmacology and toxicology section, in case of any questions or for information on actual offer of topics for your rigorosum thesis.

Branch Board Chairman

List of consultants

PharmDr. Bc. Kateřina Horská, Ph.D.
MUDr. Marta Chalupová, Ph.D.
doc. PharmDr. Peter Kollár, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. Eva Račanská, CSc.

Medicinal Chemistry

The main goal of rigorous study in pharmaceutical chemistry is to study biologically active molecules with a defined structure and properties that determine their therapeutic use in treating diseases or defined disorders of the functional state of an organism. From the point of view of society as a whole, our priority is to increase the qualifications, professional level, and social recognition of pharmaceutical studies graduates. Topics are focused on studying the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity, the study of physicochemical and analytical properties of drugs, biochemical and pharmacological properties of potential drugs or drugs used in therapeutic practice.  At present, potential drugs with antimicrobial and antitumor effects, with effects on the cardiovascular system, potential drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, and more are studied. Within the study and research of these areas, modern synthetic procedures are implemented. The compounds are characterized, and their purity is determined (UV and IR spectra, 1H and 13C NMR analysis, etc.) using modern analytical and separation methods usable in drug analysis, experimental evaluation of physicochemical properties of substances, and more. Most of the rigorous thesis are experimental works.

Branch Board Chairman

List of consultants

Doc. Ing. Pavel Bobáľ, CSc.
Mgr. Marie Brázdová, Ph.D.
doc. PharmDr. Oldřich Farsa, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Tomáš Goněc, Ph.D.
RNDr. Eva Havránková, Ph.D.
Mgr. Michaela Kuchynka, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Pavlína Marvanová, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Tereza Padrtová, Ph.D.
Ing. Klára Odehnalová, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Jan Otevřel, Ph.D.
doc. PharmDr. Ing. Radka Opatřilová, Ph.D., MBA
doc. RNDr. Bc. Jiří Pazourek, Ph.D.
Mgr. Hana Pížová, Ph.D.

Attachements which are neccessary to upload to the e-application

  1. Verified copy of Diploma* 
  2. Verified copy of a university certificate – applies to the applicants graduated by 2005 inclusive  
  3. Verified copy of Diploma Supplement – applies to all applicants graduated since 2006  
  4. Professional CV  
  5. List of professional activities and publicationsincluding those which were only accepted to publishing  
  6. Applicants’s declaration that submitted Advanced Master’s Thesis was not used before in another
    procedure in order to be awarded an academic titleDeclaration is to be found in section „Documents 
    for Advanced Master’s Procedure“.  
  7. Graduates of Master’s degree in study programme „Pharmacy“ from foreign university are required to
    submit recognition of the Diploma in the Czech republic („nostrification“) 

*Graduates of Master’s study programme „Pharmacy“ at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Masaryk University and at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno may submit 
of Diploma and Diploma Supplement without verification


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