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Get to know the institutes of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Pedagogical and scientific research activities at PHARM MUNI are carried out at six Departments. Let's take a look at the individual Departments together and discover the beauty and complexity of pharmacy.

Department of Natural Drugs

Do you enjoy plants and the various mysteries they are hiding? Great! We isolate and identify new biologically active substances from plant material.

Department of Chemical Drugs

Our research focuses on the synthesis, verification of structure, study of the physico-chemical properties and analytical evaluation of new biologically active substances.

Department of Molecular Pharmacy

Potential healing substances must be tested on cell and tissue cultures before testing on humans. At this department we also focus on genetics and microbiology – that is, bacteria and the currently topical viruses.

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

The impact of medicines on animal models and the human body is significant and must be safe. Do you know how quickly the active substance enters the bloodstream and is completely eliminated from your body? Do you know that overdoses of many drugs are highly toxic? It is the dose that makes the difference.

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

The active substance alone is not enough; it has to enter into the human body as well. We specialise in the development of modern oral drug systems.

Department of Applied Pharmacy

Drug experts must also be familiar with economics, law and ethics, as well as communication and psychology. A pharmacist is not only an assistant in the pharmacy, but also an expert on your health, who has a say in the regulation of medicines in large companies or ministries.

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