Academic Communication

6th - 10th June, 2022

Communication is the one and only characteristic that makes us so different from other mammals in animal kingdom - our ability to use words and connect them with our emotional and bodily sensations. Unclear communication is the most common cause of misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Communication is our strongest weapon. Are you aware of it?Do you know how to use it properly and effectively?

So what to do about that? How to make yourself clear? How to avoid misunderstanding or conflict? How to communicate effectively and assertively? How to listen actively? How to give and receive self-developmental feedback?

Sign up for our course and find out the answers!
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The main purpose of this training course is to provide you with handy tips and techniques, which can be used in your everyday life in interactions with others or even with yourself. The training course will focus on communication complexly - from the individual through the teams, groups and up to whole university or public. We will be focusing on differences between us, similarities and connections as well, verbal, but also non-verbal language, online communication, team effectiveness and many other topics. We will go step-by-step, ending up with the every part of the week clicking into each other. Participants will be actively involved in all the processes, interact and be constantly challenged in the learning process, working in a safe environment.

Who can participate in this course?

Designed for anyone interested in actively working on themselves, improving their communication skills and relationships with special focus on university environment.

Course content

The program of the training course will be very interactive and requires your active participation (in case of online form it means cameras and microphones have to be switched on).

We will laugh, work, learn from each other, present, reflect but also relax.

The 5-day program will include these topics and activities:

  • Personality types
  • Team roles
  • Team efficiency and group dynamics
  • Communication model and channels
  • Working with silence
  • Verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal level of communication and their importance
  • Non-violent communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Online communication
  • Active listening techniques
  • Feedback
  • and a lot of practice everyday

Participants will be focusing on themselves, each other in the group, give a lot of feedback and will go step-by-step through the structure of the training course with professionals.

Detailed daily schedule will be published in the middle of April 2022.

Dates and schedule

06.-10.06.2022, Brno, Czech republic (*for Covid-19 online form see below), 4-5 hours a day – 9:00 - 11:00; 11:20 - 13:30

The course will be organised only if at least 5 participants will apply!

Participation fee

special offer 350 €! (standart prize 450 €) includes:

  • Training course program
  • All materials in and after the sessions
  • Tuition fee
  • Certificate of attendance/Competence (22 training hours)
  • Welcome package
  • Online informational guide with everything you need to know ahead your arrival
  • Administration & Registration fees
  • Coffee breaks
  • Guidance and willingness to help and enjoy your stay in Brno

All your costs related to the participation in this course (training fee, travel & subsistence costs) can be fully covered by Erasmus+ KA1 (Staff mobility) funding received by your institution. However, you need to ask the Erasmus+ coordinator in your institution for the procedure that you need to follow.

Apart from this you can use also grant opportunities as Vocational education and training (VET) or other to cover the fee. For different EU grant possibilities click here.


The fee is paid in 2 instalments

- deposit 200 €

Paid latest on 20th May 2022, in order to ensure your place in the group, ORDER AND PAY HERE

- and remaining 150 € maximum one week prior to the start of the training course ORDER AND PAY HERE

*Covid-19 online form (in case Covid measures will not allow us to meet in person) – the programme will be 3 hours a day including 30 minutes break, 9 - 12:30. The fee in this case would be 200 €.

What is not included in the fee

  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation in Brno - we can provide you with tips
  • Meals – there are plenty of possibilities to eat for very reasonable prices (e.g. lunch menu = soup + main dish, is just 4 - 5 € in most of the restaurants)
  • Insurance – we recommend you to have also other insurance than just European health insurance card (EHIC)
  • Test for Covid
  • Vaccination


  1. Download the pre-filled mobility agreement HERE and fill the missing information. Save it for later.
  2. Click here: 
  3. Create new application with these information:
    Program: Erasmus +;
    Type of cooperation: Training mobility;
    Academic year: 2021/2022;
    Faculty at Masaryk University: Faculty of Pharmacy;
    Unit at Masaryk University: Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. In Step 1 fill in all compulsory fields (marked with a red asterisk)
    Stay from/to:2022-06-06; 2021-06-10;
    Form of mobility: Physical mobility;
    Stay type: Staff training;
    Number of teaching/training hours: 22
    In section Stay data fill in your sending university/institution, if you does not have any (you come personally for yourself), just write there not applicable (the same to the home faculty)
  5. Save your application 
  6. In Step 2 please attach signed mobility agreement (from point No.1) in pdf format. If your institution needs to have it signed first from our side (Masaryk university), please attach signed agreement at least by you. We will send you signed agreement (with your and ours signatures) on email.
  7. Step 3 > Save and close
  8. You are successfully registered to our course :)


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Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic with nearly 400 000 inhabitants. It is the historical capital of region Moravia and is well-known for its castles Špilberk or Veveří, funcionalistic UNESCO villa Tugendhat, firework festival, beautiful natural surroundings of Moravian Karst and Brno´s dam, cathedral Petrov or for its vibrant, student spirit with many cosy designer coffehouses and pubs. For more information about the city visit

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Mgr. Filip Kňažek, non-formal education trainer, facilitator, pharmacist

Filip has extensive experience from intensive foreign and domestic educational courses dedicated to self-development and working with people on various topics from communication (effective, affective, non-violent), coaching, mindfulness, presentation and leadership skills, to project management and marketing. In his courses, he helps others discover and get to know their strengths and weaknesses, develop their better selves by coming out of the comfort zone, getting to know and accepting their fears, breaking down patterns of behavior and habits. He provides participants with useful tips and tools that they can use in their everyday lives.

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Masaryk University is with more than 30 000 students the second biggest university in the Czech Republic. Established in 1919 Masaryk University currently has 10 faculties (one of which is the Faculty of Pharmacy). Masaryk University offers courses across the full spectrum of traditional and contemporary fields, with a particular focus on science. It is ranked #531-540 in QS Global World Universities Rankings 2021. If you want to know more click here:

Mgr. Filip Kňažek

Lecturer & Organiser, Institute of Lifelong Learning

Phone: +420 776 330 522

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