Visa requirements

Students from EU countries

If you come from an EU member country (or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland), you are exempt from the student visa requirements. You are not required to have any additional medical insurance, although we highly recommend it.

After arrival, you are obliged to report your stay to Foreign Police Department within 30 days after entering the Czech republic. In Brno, the Foreign Police is located in Kounicova 24.

This obligation does not apply to students accommodated in the Halls of Residence. In this case, the management of Halls of Residence will do it on your behalf.

Students from countries outside the EU

If you wish to enrol at Masaryk University, you must apply for a long-term visa (recommended) or residence permit for the purpose of studies. You have to file your application at the Embassy or Consulate General of the Czech Republic abroad, usually in your country of citizenship. Applications cannot be filed in the Czech Republic.

Please be advised that the application process for a long-term visa or residence permit for the purpose of study can take up to 60 days.

Student Mode / "Režim student"

The project "Student Mode" is concept of visa facilitation for students from specific countries who have been accepted to study at universities in the Czech Republic. Applicants may be placed after successfully passing the entrance exams to study at Faculty of Pharmacy of Masaryk University. Placing of an applicant on the list of the Student Mode does not guarantee a positive response to the visa application. If during the specified interview the student does not submit all the required documents they will automatically be removed from the Student Mode.

As of December, 1, 2023, nomination criteria has been updated by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as follows:

  • only students, who completed their final education less than 3 years ago, can be nominated
  • internationally recognized language certificate must be included
  • entrance examination must be taken

Following countries were REMOVED from the list of eligible countries: Belarus, Somalia, South Sudan, Ghana (and other countries which belong under Czech embassy in Accra), Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya (and other countries which belong under Czech embassy in Nairobi), Mauritania,Nigeria ((and other countries which belong under Czech embassy in Abuja), Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia.

Citizens of above mentioned countries can still apply for visa on their own.

Important notice:

  • Applicants are not automatically eligible to be nominated for fast track interviews. International Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy is not legally bound to nominate a student for the Student Mode, and reserves the right to select candidates, as the places for applicants from whole Masaryk University are limited.
  • A nomination to the Student Mode does not mean visa will actually be granted.
  • Final list of nominees is endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech republic.
  • Selected students will be directly contacted by respective Czech Embassy/Consular (by email or phone), and will be invited for interview and submitting all relevant documents on a fixed date
  • Applicants can participate in the Student Mode only in the country of which they are citizens, e.g. an applicant with Indian citizenship living in Colombia may participate in the Student Mode only for the embassy in India, not in Colombia.


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