Konference Syntéza a Analýza Léčiv 2022

Přihlašujte se na vědeckou konferenci SAL 2022. Deadline pro EARLY BIRD přihlášku je 31.5., pro REGULAR 30.6. Tento ročník je jubilejní 50. a zároveň poprvé organizovaný pod Masarykovou univerzitou.

18. 5. 2022

DIRECT LINK FOR REGISTRATION: https://www.pharm.muni.cz/veda-a-vyzkum/sal-2022/registration

Conference Synthesis and Analysis of Drugs 2022

It has been half a century since the Faculties of Pharmacy in Bratislava, Hradec Králové, and Brno began organizing a scientific conference where not only employees of these three faculties but also scientists from other scientific institutions, both universities and academies of science and companies, meet to discuss scientific issues related to drugs. The conference Synthesis and Analysis of Drugs (SAL 2022) is international, with participants outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia making up more than half of the participants.

This year's SAL 2022 conference will be held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Brno, which has been part of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences for 25 years but became part of the Masaryk University in 2021. The year 2022 is unique because of the 50th anniversary of this meeting, and also because this year’s conference SAL is the first within this new institution.

What topics are discussed among SAL conference participants? The meeting addresses all issues related to drugs—their design, preparation, analysis, and detection methods, as well as their biological activity in the body, metabolism, and dosage forms.

We also encourage the participants of the SAL2022 conference to publish, in open access form, both original papers and reviews presented in Brno in SEPARATIONS journal (MDPI, IF: 2.777) as Special Issue.

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