Registration instructions

The confirmation of your registration will be sent via e-mail from sal(at)
All participants will receive a certificate of attendance in their conference bag.

Conference packages: Early Bird Prices until August  10


  Early Bird Fee  
Regular fee 200 EUR/ 4 900 CZK  
Student fee* 70 EUR/ 1 800 CZK  
Accompanying person 50 EUR/ 1 300 CZK  

The value of the fee is the same for both on-site and on-line participation.
*The Confirmation of Studies needs to be uploaded here:

Submit your Confirmation of Studies

Means of payment: Bank transfer

Name of Bank: ČSOB, a.s.
Bank Address: Na Pankráci 310/60, 14000 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Account Holder: Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně, z.s.
Account Holder’s Address: Sokolská 31/490, 120 00 Praha 2  
Account Name: Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně, z.s.
CZK Account number: 500617613/0300
EUR Account - IBAN: CZ84 0300 0000 0005 0061 7613

Variable symbol (obligatory): 2522046
Note for payment (obligatory): 2522046 + Name of the participant

For more information about payments, please contact Mrs Magdaléna Menclová at menclova(at)

Cancellation policy:

All cancellations must come in written form physically or electronically.
For cancellations received by August 15, 2022 the full amount of the conference fee minus administration costs will be refunded. The refunds will be made after the conference.
For cancellations received after August 15, 2022 no refunds will be possible!

Liability & Insurance

Neither the Organisers nor the Conference Secretariat will assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property during the conference. It is recommended that participants arrange their own personal travel, health and liability insurance



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