All sessions will take place at the Faculty of Pharmacy, MUNI Brno in building 44 on the ground floor (room 056 Lecture hall), which is placed on the campus of University of Veterinary Sciences Brno, Palackého třída 1946/1, 612 00, Brno, Czech Republic

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Each participant is to arrange their accommodation on their own, it is not provided by the organizing committee.

University dormitories: make a reservation until August 26 at the latest!!!

We can offer accommodation at university dormitories on the Kounicova 50, 602 00, Brno. There is a double room (two neighbouring double rooms have a shared bathroom) for the required period of September 7 - 9, 2022 (2 nights). Price: 290 CZK/1 person/1 night, if the double room is occupied by two people or 580 CZK/1 person/1 night, if the double room is occupied by only one person. For reservations, contact the office via the e-mail: koleje.kounicova(at) and when applying, use the special code as a subject of your e-mail: SAL 2022. Please be aware that the amount of available rooms is limited.

Other options:

Hotel Avanti****

ADDRESS: Střední 61, 602 00, Brno
TEL: +420 541 510 111

Hotel Vaka****

ADDRESS: Cimburkova 599/4a, 612 00, Brno
TEL: +420 549 429 429, +420 602 772 695

Hotel Europa***

ADDRESS: Třída Kpt.Jaroše 27, 602 00, Brno
TEL: +420 541 241 962

Martinno Guest House

ADDRESS: Poděbradova 287/48, 612 00, Brno
TEL: +420 222 532 547

Královská cesta Guest House

ADDRESS: Poděbradova 490/61, 612 00, Brno
TEL: +420 731 495 643

Poděbradova Guest House

ADDRESS: Poděbradova 289/113, 612 00, Brno
TEL: +420 774 886 434

Or book the accommodation via

Transportation to Brno

By car: Brno is easily reachable by a highway connecting Prague, Brno, Bratislava or Vienna. Parking inside of the campus is available for a daily fee. You can use Google Maps to help you planning the trip.

By plane: Closest airport is BRNO AIRPORT, however, you can also conveniently use PRAGUE AIRPORT, VIENNA AIRPORT or BRATISLAVA AIRPORT, each of these are connected by bus or train. To find cheap flights, you can use Skyscanner.

By bus: REGIOJET or FLIXBUS are the bus companies connecting Brno to the rest of the Europe. Online reservations are required. RegioJet offers direct connections to Prague and Vienna airport. IDOS application may come in handy when planning your trip, it contains all the means of public transport within the country, including buses, trains and even public transportation inside of the cities.

By train: ČESKÉ DRÁHY are the national train company. Tickets can be pre-booked online or bought directly on the train station. REGIOJET also offers train connections.

Around Brno

Inside of the city, you can conveniently use the public transport. The tram stop nearest to the venue is Kartouzská, trams no. 1 and 6), or Štefánikova, buses No. 67, 68, 81). Use IDOS or MHD BRNO to see the schedules.

Tickets purchase: the easiest way is to BEEP AND GO (PÍPNI A JEĎ) - payment with your credit card inside of the bus/tram/trolley, you simply enter the vehicle, attach your credit/debit card and you are fine to go. If you only travel for few stops (up to 15 minutes), check out when getting off the tram to be charged less (20 CZK, if you don't check out, it is 25 CZK for 60 minutes). Another option is to buy tickets in vending machines or at newsagents. You can get 24h ticket for 90 CZK.

Taxi in Brno: CITY TAXI or download the application Liftago for Android or for iOS, or download the application Uber for Android or for iOS.

Tips of Sightseeing

See the website GO TO BRNO for what to see, visit and eat in Brno

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